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 Hi sume adik manis lagi cantik..
  dis time All About Eve Collection are come back with 
'Pre Loved Items Season'
Sempena season ini, kami menawarkan harga menaik lagi 'KAW' untuk u all sume..=)
   Anyway, dis our pre loved items are referring to some brand new items had been tried but never being used and also items which have been used for several times only. We decided to clear out our pre loved items from our wardrobe collection. So girls, please 


Code: B001

                                                  Price : RM 23 only 
                                                  Saiz   : S
                                                  Pinggang : Stretchable

                     from the side view, for those who wanna look slim and attractive 

Code: B002
 Price : RM 23 only 
Saiz   : S (SOLD )
              Simple but nice!! menarik ble digayakan dgn aksesori (^_^)

Code: B003
                         Price : RM 12 only 
                                                  Saiz   : S (SOLD OUT)

                                          a little bit formal n still look young

Code: B004
                                                 Price : RM 10 only 
                                                  Saiz   :M but small cutting


                                               So sweettttttttttt....hehe

Code: B005
                                                Price : RM 12 only 
                                                  Saiz   : S to M (Stretchable)

                                           The white colour still maintain

Code: B006
                                                  Price : RM 18 only 
                                                  Saiz : S to M (Stretchable)

                                            Pandangan belakang, still new!!

Code : A001

                                           Price : RM 20 only (Baju sahaja)
                                           Measurement : Bahu  15'
                                                                 Labuh tangan 21 1/2'           
                                          Still in good condition & very nice to wear
                                               with long skirt as above. 
                          Bagi sape2 yang berminat untuk beli sepasang baju dan kain 
                                       pun bley jgk pd harga RM40 sahaja

                    Bahagian pinggang yang strechable :)

Code: A003
                                            Price : RM 12 only 
                                           Bahu lebar dan saiz S to M
                      Pandangan sisi Code A003

Code: A004
                                           Price : RM 13 only 
                                           Saiz S to M

Stretchable with belt

Code: A005
                                           Price : RM 8 only 
                                           Saiz M

Code: A006

                                           Price : RM 8 only 
                                           Saiz S to M

                                                  With zip n easy to wea

Code: A007
                                           Price : RM 10 only

                                           Saiz S  

                    Kemeja bunga yang masih fresh dan sesuai dipakai dengan skirt or jeans

Code : A008

                                           Price : RM 15 only
                                           Very Exclusive & at very best price :) 

                                                      Pandangan belakang :)

Code : A009

                                           Price : RM 6 only                                          
                                           Size L (but small cutting)

                                            Pandangan sisi :)

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